The Pursuit of World-Class Beer

The main goal at Canadian River Brewing Co. is to create world-class beer. 


We love beer and ultimately want to show each style the respect it deserves!  To create world-class beer is tough, and we realized that in order to achieve this, we had to take care of a number of important items at the very beginning - before the brewery construction even began.

Item number 1 on the list was to scale down construction.  Sure, we could make more money with a larger capacity brewery, but we're not in this to make money - a good product sells itself - we're in this to craft the highest quality beer.  Just like "small batch" spirits (whiskey, case in point) set the high water mark, beer is no different.  Each of our five finishing tanks produce a small batch size of around 150 Gallons of world-class beer.  At this size, we are able to consistently reproduce our recipes down to every intricate detail.

Each recipe has been perfected at the 5 Gallon level, before it is scaled to the 150 Gallon production system.  We're very fortunate in that we have an amazing quality control group - a group of beer enthusiasts that try each new (and old) recipe and give us some great feedback (what we're doing right, what we're doing wrong, ways to improve the flavor).  That level of honesty has allowed us to truly fine-tune our recipes.

Oklahoma City Area Brewery

Canadian River Brewing Co. is a Veteran owned and Native American owned brewery, located in Chickasha, OK and is around 45 minutes drive from OKC, and is proud to be an OKC-area brewery.  OKC is an amazing place and the craft beer industry continues to grow.  Bricktown, Boathouse, Midtown, Paseo, Western Ave - so many areas that provide a great experience whether you're local or whether you're just visting.

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