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The Pursuit of World-Class Beer

The main goal at Canadian River Brewing Co. is to create world-class beer. 


Beautiful water profile - We don't begin our recipes with RO water (no offense to those who do).  We have a beautiful starting water profile from a rural underground aquifer, that imparts a good level of calcium and  other minerals manditory for excellent beer.  We then adjust water profile to style, to create an amazing beer.

Quality grains - Many of styles begin with Belgian or German base.  In every style, we source our grains from the country of origin.  We accept no substitutes in this.

Quality hops - We source our hops straight form the farm, as often as we can.  The level of hop aromatics we achieve in our beer definitely attest to this fact!

Love of craft - we deeply love the craft and are dedicated to advancement of craft beer.  We are inependent and are always trying to innovate.

Modern Brewery

Oklahoma City Area Brewery

Canadian River Brewing Co. is a Veteran owned, Woman owned and Native American owned brewery, located in Chickasha, OK and is around 45 minutes drive from OKC, and is proud to be an OKC-area brewery.  OKC is an amazing place and the craft beer industry continues to grow.  Bricktown, Boathouse, Midtown, Paseo, Western Ave - so many areas that provide a great experience whether you're local or whether you're just visting.

For more information on OKC, Oklahoma Craft Breweries, OKC Districts, please go to:

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