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RID 4x3 Label.png

Rock Island Depot Blonde Ale

Rock Island Depot is dry-hopped with El Dorado and Citra hops to give a symmetrical  balance to the malt barley, giving you orchard aromatics, smooth mouthfeel and a clean finish.

ABV:  5.2%

IBU: 16.8

CS 4x3 Label.png

Cherokee Sunrise DDH Blonde

Brewed with  El Dorado, Citra, and Mosaic hops, to create a fine aromatic bouquet and a big, juicy flavor usually reserved for a hazy IPA.  

ABV: 6.0%

IBU: 26.7

RSH Label.png

Rattlesnake Hollow Double IPA

RSH is brewed and dry-hopped with a mountain of  4 different west coast hops for a true lupulin explosion that is balanced and not harsh.

ABV:  8.0%

IBU: 98.5

The Crossroads
Bohemian Pilsner

Big body Pilsner with hints of sweet lemon citrus from Sorachi Ace, polished off with more Saaz descendant hops.

ABV: 5.2%

IBU: 32.0

The Groundhog's Shadow
Hazelnut Double Brown

Seasonal (Jan - Apr)

The Groundhog's Shadow is the winter/spring variation of our Groundhog series.  Featuring hazelnuts, chocolate, a medium-body and a distinctive deep brown color,  brewed with a Cascade and Chinook combo, to capture an aroma of slight evergreen in the late winter.

ABV:  7.2%

IBU:  33.9

Baum_4x3 - Copy.jpg


Abbey Style

This recipe is an homage to the Belgian abbey style, brewed with Styrian Goldings and Willamette hops, Belgian candy sugar, and other natural herbs to create a distinct abbey style ale. 

ABV:  8.0%

IBU:  27.2

The Groundhog's Gallivant

Mocha Java Double Brown

Seasonal (May - Aug)

The Groundhog’s Gallivant is the summer variation of our Groundhog series.  This double brown features a medium-body and a deep brown caramel color,  brewed with coffee and chocolate, hopped with Warrior, Cascade, and Chinook, balanced with chocolate and caramel malts, aged on a bed of caocao nibs.

ABV:  6.8%

IBU:  22.6

The Groundhog's Slumber
Imperial Brown

Seasonal (Sep - Dec)

The Groundhog’s Slumber is the fall/winter variation of our Groundhog series.  This imperial brown features a heavy-body and a deep, dark brown color,  brewed with hazelnut, coffee and chocolate, hopped with Warrior, Cascade, and Chinook, balanced with espresso, chocolate and caramel malts, and aged on a bed of cacao nibs.  Crafted to be hearty.

ABV:  9.3%

IBU:  26.2

Crazy Horse Imperial Stout

Modern and old styles collide to form an incredibly smooth, full-bodied stout, brewed with only the finest roasted barley and choicest East Kent Golding hops.  Crazy Horse features a hefty grain bill of 10 different roasts on oat and barley.

ABV:  9.7%

IBU:  49.2

Interurban  Express
American Blonde 

A smooth American Blonde ale, brewed with El Dorado and Citra hops, that create a stunning flavor and aroma profile of apricot/peach stonefruit mixed with elements of tropical, capped with a white, snowy head.


ABV:  5.0%

IBU:  23.1  

Citrunova Haze

(Coming Soon)

Citrunova Haze is a New England style IPA  brewed with a huge helping of Warrior, Mosaic, and Citra hops.  As you’ve come to expect from us, this NEIPA was brewed with a focus on big body, flavor, and was dry-hopped for huge levels of aromatics.

ABV:  6.0%

IBU:  56.7

PANIC! At The Farmhouse
Salted Saison

PANIC At the Farmhouse! is a lightly sour farmhouse salted Saison, brewed with coriander, lemongrass, and pink Himalayan sea salt. The slight additions of Saaz and a smidgen of El Dorado impart subtle notes of fruit orchard, combined with the citrus notes of the spices.  This farmhouse Saison’s trademark is a clean, crisp tart/sour gained by wild Oklahoma yeast.

ABV:  4.8%

IBU:  12.0

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